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Elixr Mods Modpacks, find all your needs and wants here with my modpack, to new storage items, new building blocks, colored glass and heaps more new building items!

But thats not all, Some more functionality for your server, with easy to use MOTD's, Homes, Player Teleports and Warp Points and some handy admin based commands

Informatics for information on items being sold around your world! As well as a few poorly chosen jokes ;)

With Daily/Repeated Returners rewards on their way!

Basic Eco Modding

Here we have supplied some of the most sort after basic vanilla modding packs for eco.

Whether you are just looking to increase that cart storage space or just remove the stack restrictions on the stockpiles

We will also keep files for older versions we support incase you want to play on older versions of eco with these tweaks

Or if you want some game changing worlds and challenges, you are sure to find it here!


We want to help modders make mods. Or even help server owners understand how modding works in eco and what they can and cannot modify.

Learning to mod in eco is pretty easy and straight forward.

Here we will help you learn how to mod the basic files then slowly progress up to adding your own items and blocks into the game!

However, Given some of the extensive areas of some things in eco its not viable to do tutorials on certain things, such as modifying the world generation file.


While it's not required to download anything from this site, Any and all donations help me to keep this going and keep it all up to date.

Donations also help me bring in more content by purchasing more tools to expand my working resources to help bring better and more refined content.

Wouldn't you consider supporting me and my endeavours to bring you more amazing content?