We have done our best to provide full indepth documentation on everthing found on this website, from Elixr Mods to World Generations.

If you are a modder we have provided documentation for using some of the features found in our modpack for either developing or expanding on your existing mods.

Here we support all modders and people wanting to learn how to mod and make mods for Eco.

Here you will find all the documentation on the following:

Elixr Mods - Installation help, A list of all features and content found in this modpack.

Nids Toolbox - Installation help, A list of all features and content found in this pack.

Vanilla Mods - Details on all the modpacks we offer in the vanilla mods section with installation help.

World Generations - info about our world generations files and download process

Installation Assistance - How to install, Elixr Mods, Nid's Toolbox, Vanilla Mods and World Generations.

For full navigation through our docs please use the side menu provided for easier navigation, this contains links to all your needs when it comes to our documentations.

Mod Support

We aim to try and support as many mods with our modpack as we can, thats why we have built our modpack in a way that should help reduce conflicts!

While Supplying all of our call names in our modpack for modders to be able help avoid conflicts we also support other modders using parts of our mods in expanding on their modpacks.

We only ask that if you use part of our mod in making your own modpack you give us a little credit for supplying some of the tools used in developing your mod, a simple thank you is just fine.

Our main file contains some Chat based features that helps with easy chat management for outputting to the server chat.

It also contains our Automatic door component which is easy to use for any modder. We will be further expanding on this feature in the future to hopefully bring in a UI Addition for easy management.

Our base framework is ever expanding and we hope to add more features to it in the future!


We also offer generous support to everyone on our Discord server.

If its just a question or help with installation we are here to help!

Having trouble with your mod? No problem! We are happy to help!