Admin Documentation

Here you will find all the documentation on our Admin Module.

from a list of commands to all the features and how to use them as a server admin.

The Admin module is for Admin Use only, It will not work for non Admins.

AFK Module

Our AFK Module can help keep server resources free by removing players from the server after they hhave been AFK for a set amount of time.

The AFK Timer is Configurable so you can set the time that needs to pass by before an inactive user gets removed.

AFK Module Commands.

Set AFK Time Command:

    /afk-timer 0

Each Number is 1 minute. So using it like this:

    /afk-timer 30

Will set the AFK timer to 30 minutes.

This means if a player is inactive for 30 Minutes, they will be kicked from the server.

Enable/Disable The AFK Module.

The AFK Module is disabled by default.

But you can enable it by using the following command:


You can easily disable the AFK module should you no longer want to use it.

You can disable it by using the following command:


AFK Config Reload.

Should you edit the AFKConfig.EM file directly you can reload the config directly in game without needing to restart the server.

The file structure is like this:

    "Enabled": true, <--Enables Or Disables the afk Module Only Accepts "true" or "false"-->
    "Interval": 1200000 <--Minutes in Seconds-->

True Or False is case sensitive. Please use lower case.

The Command Used to reload the Config File is:


TP Here.

TP here is an Admin only command.

This command allows for an admin to easily teleport another player to them without any hassel.

How to use the command:

    /tp-here playername <--Player Names are Case Sensitive-->

A User Must also be online for you to be able to teleport them to yourself.

If the Player name has a space in it you can use the command like this:

    /tp-here "player name" <--Player Names are Case Sensitive-->

The Quotations help the game determine that the text inside is a multipart text.

Meteor Toggle.

This module allows you to easily turn the Metor On or Off Without needing to restart your server.

You can turn the Meteor on by using this command:


This will enable the meteor in your server.

To turn the meteor off you can use the following command:


This will disable the meteor.

Both Commands can be used at will, However, Repeaditily using this command can cause instability in the server as it generates the meteor and removes it.