Elixr Mods Documentation

Here you will find all the documentation you need on all the elixr mods available mods.

Below you can see the different type of packs Elixr Mods has to offer.

Features Pack

The Features pack offers extensions to your server.

We aim to offer extensions that may help or improve your server.

Its not limited to but provides some easy to use functions and a few extensions to your server.

Some of these features include:

  • Warp Points
  • Player Teleportation
  • Daily Rewards
  • Jokes
  • Messages Of The Day
  • Informatics
  • Admin based Commands
  • AFK Module

We aim to help expand on server capabilities whether its just for fun or if you want some extra features.

Here is a list of all the Modules in the Features pack

  • em-admin.dll - Admin
  • em-commands.dll - Commands
  • em-daily.dll - Daily
  • em-informatics.dll - Informatics
  • em-daily.dll - Daily Rewards
  • em-jokes.dll - Jokes
  • em-motd.dll - MOTD
  • em-tp.dll - TP
  • em-warp.dll - Warp

Decoration Pack

Our Decoration Pack helps to expand on content inside of eco.

We aim to offer wonderful new objects and items to help expand on the content that game has to offer.

Our decoration pack brings in heaps of new items to greatly expand your world of building and style.

With some new added things like:

  • Colored Glass
  • Arches
  • New Doors
  • New foods
  • Dyes
  • House Based Objects
  • Road Based Items

We hope you like many others enjoy these new items we offer.

We are ever expanding on the new items we bring to the game and take requests!

Here is a list of all the Modules in the Decorative pack

  • em-arches.dll - Arches
  • em-doors.dll - Doors
  • em-dyes.dll - Dyes
  • em-homeobjects.dll - Home Objects
  • em-transportation.dll - Transportation
  • em-windows.dll - Windows
  • em-food.dll - Food
  • em-games.dll - Games

Convenience Pack

Our Convenience Pack is designed for player Convenience!

We think the game is a bit limited on items or recipes so we aim to expand on that with this pack!

We bring in some new items that help make some players life a bit easier while also potentially making it a little harder depending on your play style.

Some of the new items we bring to the game are:

  • Shipping Containers
  • Green Energy
  • Tailings Repurposing

The Realistic Smelting is provided to us by Sweet Christmas and is maintained by him, We appreciate him allowing to include his mod in our modpacks!

Here is a list of all the Modules in the Convenience pack

  • em-greenenergy.dll - Green Energy
  • em-shippingcontainers.dll - Shipping Containers
  • em-tailingspack.dll - Tailings Pack

World Flags

Our world flags bring a whole new aspect to your world!

Bring your server to life with flags from around the world!

We will try to bring in as many flags from the world as we can.

If its not in our flags pack then request us to add it and we will do our best to add more flags of the world!

Whether you just want to show your country flag or show them all, this may be the pack just for you!

Custom Server Flags

Our Custom Server flags bring a whole new aspect to your Server!

Bring your server to life with flags customly designed just for your server!

Each Custom flag is a paid for feature that nets you the Flag fbx file and associated textures.

We will customize the flag how ever you want it with anything on it as you like! So long as it doesn't break any of Ecos TOS, EULA or just commond decency, we will not do any pornographic flags.

Our Packs

We provide all of our packs As Is.

We only promise that there is no malicious content inside of our modpack. We don't gather data on your players or your server.

We do not promise modpack compatitbility with other mods, nor can we, we can only offer the tools for other modders to be able to make their mods compatible.

We do not offer out our source code or the code of the other mods included in our pack as that belongs to the respected creator and only they can give access to that.

We do not give out Eco Assets or any part of the eco source code or even access to any of this content through no means.

We do accept paid requests to develop mods for other people, we do not give any eco assets or source code with this either. We only develop the mod for you at your request and will not redistribute it unless told we can. The paid work only covers developing the code included in the mod and not any associated eco code you will need to add this yourself.

All of our packs can be downloaded and used seperately or downloaded in our Mega Modpack which includes all of our mods in a single pack.

You can also download each file individually should you only want specific parts

Modding Support

Here we also supply documentation on our mod to the point where you gain all the information you need about our namings of items and reecipes and how to use each section in your own mod.

We will also be expanding our framework to increase compatibility with otheer mods should they desire to use our framework.