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Elixr Mods Framework is an extensible system for eco designed for modders and server owners alike! it provides great additions to your server as well as housing great extras for modders! Let us help you give your admins more power and less temptation!

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The Elixr Mods Framework is designed to make modding easier for eco, mods more compatible, and extend what you can do in your server,

As of Version 2.1.0 There are some big changes and the info found here may not be totally correct.
For all documentation on the Elixr Mods Framework please visit this link: https://elixrmods.com/docs/elixr-mods/intro

The documentations section includes a left side nav bar for all sections we have documentation for ( im still not done with everything outside of em-framework will do them as i release more things) and Right side navigation usually used for Page Navigation, the only exception is the introduction page which has quick links to each part of the framework under EM Framework Namespaces, the rest are page navigation links

The em-framework documentation is for Version 2.1.0 Onwards.

Permissions System

While our Permissions system is still under development this is some basic documentation on what we have so far and will be updated as we add more features to it:

Using the EM Permissions system is easy,

What the EM permissions system brings to you is the ability to be able to create new user groups and give them access to commands so long as they are in that group,


Joe donated to your server, You can create the group called "VIP" and add joe to that group,

You can then assign commands to that group for joe to use:

Say you have teleport commands on the server, you can add the teleport command to the group VIP then Joe can use the teleport command,

Usage for server admins:

By default there are 2 user groups, Admin and Default, These 2 groups can not be deleted

If the user is already an admin they don't need to be added to the admin group, but if the user isn't an admin you can ad them to the admin group and assign your admins certain commands, IE: kick, mod based commands or what ever you feel like

Here is a list of all the commands that a admin/ owner in the server can use:

Commands for giving groups permissions to commands

"/CommandPermissions grant command, groupname " // Used to give groups permission to use a command: Eg:
"/CommandPermissions grant fly, VIP" //this gives the group VIP access to use the /fly command
You cannot assign shortcuts to a command,
ie: ElixrMods Auto door has a shotcut command: /ad-on
doing: "/CommandPermissions grant ad-on, VIP" will not work

"/CommandPermissions revoke command, groupname" // Used to revoke a groups permission to a command: Eg:
"/CommandPermissions revoke fly, VIP" // Will take away the ability for the VIP group to use the /fly command
You cannot use shortcodes when revoking a command ie:
doing: "/CommandPermissions revoke ad-on, VIP" will not work

"/CommandPermissions setbehaviour admin/user, true/false" 
//this is used to allow Admins or users default access to their default commands:
"/CommandPermissions setbehaviour admin, false" 
// will mean any user that was made an admin will not have access to admin commands anymore 
// and you will need to assign then use of admin commands via a group ie: Group Admin.
"/CommandPermissions setbehaviour user, false" 
// will mean any user that is not in a group or an admin will not be able to use any command without being in a group


"/grant-command command, groupname"
"/revoke-command command, groupname"
"/behaviour-command admin/user, true/false"

The "command" In the commands is any command in the eco game, regardless if its registered by a mod or a core command!

Creating Groups and adding users to groups commands

"/groups addgroup groupname" // Used to create a new group
"/groups deletegroup groupname" // used to delete a created group
"/groups listgroups" // will list all groups you have on the server
"/groups grouppermissions groupname" // Will list all the permissions the named group has 
"/groups addusertogroup username, groupname" // will add a user to a selected group or will creat the group then add the user too it
"/groups removeuserfromgroup username, groupname" // will remove a user from that group, if the group doesn't exist it will tell you
"/groups forcesave" //forces the groups system to save everything just incase a save fails

All commands that use a username are case sensitive so make sure your naming is correct otherwise it will say that user doesn't exist


"/grp-add groupname"
"/grp-del groupname"
"/grp-perms groupname"
"/grp-adduser username, groupname"
"/grp-remuser username, groupname"

Config File Structure - If you are not comfortable editing this file then please just use the in game commands - Located in Configs/Mods


  "Groups": [
      "GroupName": "groupname", // The Name of each group
      "GroupUsers":  [
          "Name": "Username", // The username of the person added to the group
          "SlgID": "slgid", // their slgid if present
          "SteamID": "steamid" // their steamid if present
      ], // Each user in this group
      "Permissions": [ //each command this group has access too
          "$type": "Eco.EM.Permissions.ChatCommandAdapter, em-framework", //do not edit this
          "Identifier": "Command" //Command name
          "$type": "Eco.EM.TP.TeleportConfig, em-tp-9", 
    //This is a custom configuration for another mod using the groups system Do not edit this
          "MaxTeleports": 30, // config setting
          "CalorieCost": 250, //config setting
          "CooldownSeconds": 15, // config setting
          "Expiry": 15 //config setting
  "AllUsers": [ // Each user that logs into the server
      "Name": "UserName", // Their username
      "SlgID": "slgid", //Their SLG Id - Can be blank if slg id not present
      "SteamID": "steam64id" //Their Steam ID - Can be blank if steamid not present

EM Configure

EM Configure is what we use in the EM Framework to be able to alter Compiled Mods Values

Some of the Values the EM Configure allows us to edit are:

  • Stack Sizes
  • Weights
  • Storage Slots
  • Link Distances
  • Recipes
  • Housing Points

Current Version: 3.1.4

Current Supported Eco Version: 9.4.x

Oldest Known Supported Eco Version*: 9.4.x

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