Elixr Mods Features Pack


These are all the modules available in the Features Pack

The Features pack is designed to extend what you can do in the server with script based functions and new commands, this includes warp points, Teleports, Homes, Shop Informatics and other handy commands.

If you would like to download all these modules at once you can use the button just below, otherwise you can read up on each module and download them separately

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Admin | Current Version: 2.1.0

The EM Admin Module For Eco

This tool brings in An AFK Module to kick AFK Players to help save resources.

It also includes some basic tools for sending Announcements

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Advanced Player Settings

This Pack is not yet released so we don't have any real information on it yet for you.

However we do hope it will be fantastic and that you love it when it is released!

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User Commands | Current Version: 2.1.0

The User Commands Pack is just some additional tools for users to use:

Such as, Top Players on the server, Some basic stats and a few other small tools

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Daily | Current Version: 2.2.0

You Love your players, We Love them Too!

Why not give them a daily reward for playing! Completely configurable so you can set the rewards!

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Homes | Current Version: 2.1.0

Sometimes it is a long slow walk back home..

The Homes Module allows them to skip that! Highly Configurable, you can set teleportation cost and how many homes and more!

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Shop Informatics | Current Version: 2.1.0

Looking for an item someone is selling but, don't know where to start looking?

The Informatics tool allows you to query all stores to see who is selling the item you want, how much and where they are located!

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MOTD | Current Version: 2.2.0

Got a message you need to get across every day? or even everytime someone logs in?

This highly configurable module that requires no server reboots to use allows you to change text on the MOTD on the Fly!

Get that point across!

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Teleportation | Current Version: 2.2.0

Similar to the Homes Module, this one lets players teleport to other players, at a cost, for free or for a certain amount of times a day!

Highly Configurable and can help take time out of traveling but still can cost the calories it would take to make the trek!

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Communal Warps | Current Version: 2.2.0

Communal Warps are Admin only Objects that players can teleport too!

Use them to setup a spawn area or have general warp points around the world for a fast travel system!