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Be proud, show your flag!

This pack is in development!

We are taking requests for Country flags for this pack!

Show off to everyone your countries flag!

This Pack Currently Includes:

World Flags

Austria, Australia, Canada, China,
Egypt, England, Fiji, Finland,
France, GreatBritan, Germany, Gibralter,
Hungary, Iceland, Indonesia, Ireland,
Israel, Italy, Japan, Lithuania,
Malta, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand,
Norway, Phillipines, Poland, Romania,
Russia, Scotland, South Korea, Sweden,
Switzerland, United Nations, United States of America, United Kingdom

Pride Flags

Agender Pride, Ally Pride, Androgynous Pride, Aromantic Pride,
Asexual Pride, Bear Pride, Bi-gender Pride, Bi-sexual Pride,
Demi-Boy Pride, Demi-Girl Pride, Demi-Sexual Pride, Gay Man Pride,
Gender Fluid Pride, Gender Non Conforming Pride, Gender Queer Pride, Hermaphrodite Pride,
Intersex Pride, Lesbian Pride, LGBT Pride, More Color More Pride,
Non Binary Pride, Pan-sexual Pride, Poly-sexual Pride, Progress Pride,
Queer People Of Color Pride, Rainbow Pride, Transgender Pride, Two Spirit Pride,

All are crafted at the tailoring table and require the same items to make each flag!

You can make requests on our discord here: https://discord.gg/jWzu8bZ

Current Version: 3.0.0

Current Supported Eco Version: 9.4.x

Oldest Known Supported Eco Version*: 9.4.x

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