Elixr Mods Housing Bundle


These are all the modules available in the EM Building Bundle

The EM Building Bundle is designed to extend on the building in Eco, giving you many more options when it comes to building your house, factory or anything else you can think of!

If you would like to download all these modules at once you can use the button just below, otherwise you can read up on each module and download them separately

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EM Doors | Current Version: 3.0.0

The EM Farming adds in new items, and tools for different kinds of doors!

New Food Items, New Items, New ways to farm, New Products to explore and test!

Bring your server to life with some of our Passive Crafters!

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EM Furniture | Current Version: 3.0.0

Got a taste for different furniture? Smoked, Dry Aged, Specialty furniture?

Then this is the pack for you!

Adding in jerky, and many other items, cook them on our new crafting station and get yourself some good food for the winter!

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EM Paintings | Current Version: 3.0.0

This Pack is not yet released so we don't have any real information on it yet for you.