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Mampf's World Edit Updated to Eco 9.0 and made standalone, Doesn't require anything else just this mod, will do icons and a tool for it later

This plugin is open source and anyone is welcome to contribute too it:
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Command Example Description
Wand /wand Gives you the World Edit selection tool (left Click to set first pos and right click to select second pos).
Remove Wand /rmwand Removes the Wand from your inventory
Set /set Mortaredstone Set the selection to the desired blocktype. ( in this case, Mortaredstone )
Replace /replace Sand, Air Lets you replace a specific block of a selection with a desired block.
Replace - Cont. /replace desiredBlock Replace everything except air with desired block
Walls /walls Mortaredstone Creates a full wall inside the selected area of the desired wall type
Expand Selected Area /expand <amount>,<direction> Resizes the selection in the direction where you are looking at
Contract Selected Area /contract <amount>,<direction> opposite of expand
Shift Selection /shift <amount>,<direction> move selection
Move Blocks /move <amount>,<direction> move blocks in selection
UP /up <amount> Teleports you up in the air and places a block under you
Stack /stack <amount> <direction> "Stacks" the current selection
Copy /copy Copies a selection.
Paste /paste Pastes a copied selection from clipboard
Rotate /rotate <degree> Rotate the clipboard
Undo /undo Revert the last command
Import /import <name> Import a schematic file into clipboard
Export /export <name> Export the clipboard into a file
Selection Info /distr Show information about current selection
Set Position 1 /setpos2 instead of using the wand this command will set the 1st position to the players position
Set Position 2 /setpos2 instead of using the wand this command will set the 2nd position to the players position

Known Bugs:

leaves plants in /pastes

Import and exports don't work currently

Current Version: 1.1.0

Current Supported Eco Version: 9.3.x

Oldest Known Supported Eco Version*: 9.0.x

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