NID's Toolbox Light - IP Logger

Contains IP logger module for NidToolbox Light server tool-set. It allows for real time motoring and logging of all login and logout events. Highly customisable.


IP Logger module

for NidToolbox Light

requries nid-core module available here


Provides ability to log Login and Logout events of your citizens, registering IP Address, time, date, steam ID, slg ID and more.

IP Logger module allows:

  • Registers each event of login, logout (or both) of each citizen connecting to your server.
  • Server owners may decide which events they want to monitor and where if at all to store the data.
  • Enabling of the features can be done via in-game commands or through editing of the settings file.
  • Target of the log can be set to server console, server log, NidToolbox log - none, some or all of these in any combination that suits the server owner.
  • Ability to create a comma-delimited .csv file for administrators who like to export their server data to external tools for analytics.
  • Can notify about players using same IP address.


As any module of NidToolbox set, it requires nid-core version 1.0.1+ module, available here

Settings files:

Config files are located at Configs\Mods\NidToolbox\IPLogger.json

                      "Info1": "NidToolbox Light: IP Logger settings.",
                      "IPLoggerEnabled": true,
                      "LogLogouts": false,
                      "ReportInConsole": true,
                      "ReportInGameLog": false,
                      "MakeCSVFile": true,
                      "NotifySameIPs": false

Output files:

Output files (logs) are stored at Mods\Nidtoolbox\Logs\ChatLogger\

Log file name has a form of userName_ServerID.log i.e nidaren_SrvID-1.log and is per user.

Same IP Notifications:

When enabled online Admins will get a notification to their mailbox, when there are two players with same IP address.

Example output:

                    Date          Hour        Event     IP Address      SteamID               slg ID        Server ID     Character Name  
                    28.09.2020    11:12:50    Login     123.456.7.8     11222222211111110     slg123455     1             nidaren  
                    28.09.2020    11:14:56    Logout    disconnecting   11222222211111110     slg123455     1             nidaren  

Available commands:

/help IPLog

Displays information about all commands contained within this module.


Sets the whole module to enabled or disabled state

/iplog-enable bool trueFalse

                /iplog-enable true/false


Enables or disables the notifications about users connecting from same IP Address. Disabled by default.

/iplog-sameip bool trueFalse

                /iplog-sameip true/false


Sets the module to also register citizen's logouts. Set to true by default.

/iplog-logouts bool trueFalse

                /iplog-logouts true/false


Sets the module to write to server console.

/iplog-console bool trueFalse

                /iplog-console true/false


Sets the module to write to server log - located at Server\Logs\ (default eco log).

/iplog-serverlog bool trueFalse

                /iplog-serverlog true/false


Enables or disables the comma delimited file with all the login and logout data, with user information. Disabled by default.

/iplog-csv bool trueFalse

                /iplog-csv true/false

Current Version: 1.0.2

Supported Eco Version: 9.2.x

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